1: When will the NJLM CEU Tracking System be available for me to print my certificates?
A: The NJLM CEU Tracking System will be available on Monday, November 28, 2022.
2: Where is my Badge Number located on my Badge?
A: Your Badge Number is the number located on the bottom left hand side of your badge.
3: What if I do not have my badge number handy? Can I still login?
A: Absolutely! You can use your last name and zip code to log into the system. However, please note, the system is very sensitive, so if you still have your badge number, we ask that you try that before you call the League. If you still cannot log-in then call the League at 609-695-3481.
4: What does the message “Login Error: Login information not found” mean?
A: If you receive the message “Login Error: Login Information not found” it generally means you have incorrectly entered your login information. Try to login again. If after multiple login attempts you are still receiving this message please contact the League at 609-695-3481.
5: Why am I not able to access the CEU Tracking System?
A: If you attempt to log-in into the CEU Tracking System and you get a message stating: “Your badge is registered as a non paying badge and therefore is not valid for CEU registration. If you wish to obtain CEU certification…..” Please try again to log-in. If that still does not work, please contact the League at 609-695-3481.
6: Do I have to fill out the Evaluation form for every session I wish to receive credit for?
A: Yes, Evaluation forms are mandatory for every session and the certificate will not print out unless you fill out the form.
7: What is the CTA Certificate and NJ CLE Certificate for and why are only present on certain sessions?
A: The CTA Certificate is a required form for Tax Assessors. If you are not receiving Tax Assessor credits, you do not need to worry about this form. Similarly a NJ CLE Certificate (CLE) is for NJ Attorneys. If you are not an NJ Attorney you may also ignore this form. (Pennsylvania Attorneys see question 9 for instructions on how to claim your PACLE)
8: How long do I have to claim my CEU’s?
A: You have up to May 1, 2023 to claim your conference CEU’s. After that point, the link will be taken off of the website.
9: I signed into a session to get Pennsylvania Legal Credits (PACLE) and they do not appear on the certificate I printed out. How can I get these?
A: PACLE courses require the attendee to pay a separate fee to obtain credits. Please print out either the general attendance certificate or the NJCLE certificate (if the option is there) for the course you attended and then attach it with a check to the PACLE credit form found on the League Conference page. Please mail all materials to the League office. Once received, the League will issue you a receipt by mail for your credits. The League will post your Credits on the PACLE site under your bar number.
10: What if I forgot to sign/in or sign out for a specific session? Am I still able to print a certificate?
A: Yes, a certificate will print as long as the attendee has scanned in once, however, attendees are required to sign-in/ sign-out for every session. Sign-in/out times are recorded on the individual certificates, so if a time is missing, the certifying agency may decide to deny credit to the attendee.
11: Why is the tracking system asking for my license number or bar id?
A: Some of the accrediting bodies require a license number to appear on the attendance sheets for their licensees. This feature adds that number to the attendance sheets. If you do not hold a license number this is not an issue. Simply check “I do not hold one of these licenses” and hit “save”. You will still able to print a certificate.
12: What if I don’t have a license number or a bar id?
A: If you do not have a license number or bar id simply check the option” I do not hold any of the licenses above” and hit “save”. Once this is done the page should allow you to fill out an evaluation form and print or email your certificates.

Still Have Questions?

  Should you still require assistance for the Tracking System please contact the League at 609-695-3481 or e-mail dholland@njlm.org and we will do our best to resolve your issue.